VOX Linerio S-Line Slat Panels - Anthracite
VOX Linerio S-Line Slat Panels - Anthracite
VOX Linerio S-Line Slat Panels - Anthracite

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VOX Linerio S-Line Slat Panels - Anthracite

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Vox Linerio is a new addition to our range of decorative interior wall panels, the linerio wall panelling imitates perfectly timber slat panelling. The slat panels are easy to install, and complimented with matching left-hand & right-hand trims to finish the look.

Linerio panels owe their unique properties to the material from which they are made. To manufacture the panels, we use polystyrene covered with a print made by hot stamping. Polystyrene is a modern material that is 100% recyclable. It is lightweight durable, and easy to clean. This means that Linerio can be installed even in more demanding areas, such as the hallway, work area, or kitchen.

  • Quick installation – easy cut using a saw or jigsaw
  • Choice of mounting options -vertically, horizontally, diagonally.
  • It does not require additional substrate preparation work (e.g. priming) as well as protecting the top layer (e.g. grouting)
    Clean installation, no dust
  • Immediate 3d effect on the wall after installation – the rooms can be used immediately

Product Size: 2.65m x 122mm x 12mm thickness

Slats per panel: 5