Plastic Trims - 2-Part 8mm End Profile Trim - Chrome

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Plastic Trims - 2-Part 8mm End Profile Trim - Chrome

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Length: 2600mm | To Suit Panels: 8mm | Colour: Chrome | Construction: Plastic

The 2-Part 8mm End Profile, also known as an end cap, is a U shaped uPVC trim used for beginning and ending a run of PVC cladding.

The main benefit of a 2-Part End Profile is the ease of installation when compared to a 1-Part End Profile. The face of the trim can be removed, allowing you to adhere the back to your wall, install your PVC cladding then simply re-attach the face.

The 2-Part 8mm End Profile is perfect for tidying up the edges of your cladding and giving a neat, professional finish.

Additionally, this trim is 100% waterproof when installed correctly meaning it can be used in any room, including wet rooms, showers and bathrooms.