Orac Decor Accessories - FB13

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Orac Decor Accessories - FB13

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The FB13 mitre box has been designed to accept all our Duropolymer Coving, and best selling Panel Mouldings. 

The internal dimensions of mitre box are 125mm deep x 155mm wide.


Use this mitre box to cut any of the products listed below.

CX100, CX101, CX106, CX107, CX108, CX109, CX110, CX111, CX112, CX115, CX123, CX124, CX126, CX127, CX128, CX129, CX132, CX133, CX134, CX136, CX141, CX148, CX150, CX151, CX154, CX160, CX161, CX176, CX177, CX188, CX189, CX190.

C200, C201, C211, C212, C214, C215, C220, C230, C240, C250, C260, C302, C304, C321, C322, C341, C355, C356, C360, C361, C362, C373, C380, C381, C390, C394, C400, C402, C602, C902.

DX119, DX121, DX157, DX159, DX162, DX163, DX170,DX174, DX182, DX183, DX184, CB500, CB501, CB502, CB503, CB511, CB512, CB520, CB521, CB522, CB523, CB530, CB531 PX103, PX113, PX114, PX116, PX117, PX120, PX131,PX144, PX164, PX169, PX175, PB513.

P1020, P2020, P3020, P4020, P5020, P5021, P5051, P6020, P7010, P7020, P7030, P7040, P7070, P8020, P8030, P8040, P8050, P8060, P9010, P9020, P9040, P9050, P9900, P9901.

SX105, SX122, SX125, SX137, SX155, SX165, SX172, SX173, SX179, SX187.