Ceiling Coving  - Z17 ARSTYL
Ceiling Coving  - Z17 ARSTYL
Ceiling Coving  - Z17 ARSTYL

Noel & Marquet

Ceiling Coving - Z17 ARSTYL

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 For an impressive and stylish decor, the Z17 ARSTYL® is a great addition. The smooth shape allows it to seamlessly blend with a range of interior styles, including the most modern of spaces. The Z17 ARSTYL® cornice can be used as a stylish transition between wall and ceiling, or painted in a bold colour for a striking feature piece. 

The Z17 coving projects elegance into a property without overshadowing other design elements.


  • Strong and impact resistant
  • Lightweight material
  • Simple to install
  • Dimensions 79 x 114 x 2000 mm