Cleaning your wall panels

A standout feature of PVC wall panels is the low maintenance so cleaning PVC wall panels couldn’t be simpler.In contrast with the maintenance regime and abrasive cleaning agents that you need for tiles all you need for wall panels is a soft cloth and soapy water. Follow our 6-Step guide on how to clean wall panels for sparkling clean bathroom wall panels...

How to Clean PVC Wall Panels

There are a whole host of benefits to installing wall panels, instead of tiling - as characteristically our collection of PVC wall panels are much more hard wearing, and unlike tiles, they're less likely to break or crack on impact. 

Whilst their stylish look and robust nature make PVC wall panels an excellent decorating alternative, they're also much easier to fit, clean and maintain. Keep reading our guide on how to properly clean and look after your PVC panels.

How to clean interior wall panels

Interior wall panels are a great alternative to tiles and are available in so many different colours, sizes and finishes that you’re sure to find something to fit the aesthetic of your home. 

Being extremely durable and of the highest quality, keeping them in tip top shape is simple and easy. All you’ll need is a soft non-abrasive cloth and a clean bowl of soapy water. As our wall panels are fitted with a simple tongue and groove interlocking system, you’ll find the finish of the panels provide a smooth layer that you can easily wipe down with your soapy water. And no matter where you’ve chosen to fit panels throughout your home, whether that be bathroom, kitchen, hallway, bedroom or playroom, your panels will look fresh and well maintained for years to come.

How to clean bathroom PVC panels

Our bathroom PVC panels can look equally as good within your shower enclosure as they do around your entire bathroom or wet room. Without the need for grouting, our wall panels create a seamless finish without the dreaded mouldy walls that often come from bathroom tiles. And with a room that can see a lot of water and condensation build up, you’re able to keep your panels clean and dry, and won’t end up taking you too much time to maintain. 

With only a soft non-abrasive cloth and bowl of soapy water, you can wipe down your walls easily, paying special attention to areas that need a little extra tlc. If you spot any stain build ups, just soak the area for between two and five minutes with the soapy water and wipe down thoroughly. Once you’ve covered the area you’re cleaning, go over it with a dry microfibre cloth to remove any lingering smears. Our shower panels provide a flush waterproof and moisture resistant wall and are backed with a ten year guarantee*, so you can be assured of their clever placement within your bathroom.

How to clean kitchen wall panels

The kitchen is a notoriously difficult area of the home to keep clean, with food splashes, grease and grime that comes with being one of the busiest areas of the home. Simply grab a clean soft cloth and bowl of soapy water and let’s get to work! Washing up liquid works a treat on your walls as much as it does when you’re washing dishes - a known compound that tackles grease and dirt in an instant. 

Make sure your chosen cloth isn’t abrasive and then lather up your cloth and start to gently rub your kitchen walls. If you spot any particularly grubby spots that may hold an extensive stain, allow the soapy water to penetrate the area for a good two to five minutes, to help break down any deposits. Continue with the rest of the area, making sure to keep rinsing out your cloth and changing your soapy water to keep it nice and clean.

On those difficult areas, once you’ve soaked the area for a few minutes, don’t be shy in giving it a good scrub - we find a circular motion works well. And then rinse down the panels, finishing with a clean dry rub of a microfibre cloth, checking for smears along the way. We advise investigating the kitchen area on a weekly basis, depending on just how much use and cooking your kitchen receives!