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PVC is becoming increasingly popular and can be used almost anywhere in the household

These are ideally used in the Bathroom and Kitchen but with the huge range of designs, they can be used for features in the bedroom, hallway, utility and living area

PVC is suitable for both walls and ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom where mould and mildew are a concern, with the ability to simply wipe these offer a great hygiene benefit when compared to paint and grout.


There is a multitude of benefits that PVC offers when compared to other common decorative finishes in the Bathroom & Kitchen, These are perfect for the Shower, Bath, Splashback & Ceilings but great for every room in your home

These are great for commercial applications too!

Offices, Gyms, Hotels, Schools, Care Homes & Hospitals 

PVC is 100% waterproof and provides you with a hygienic surface that’s easy to clean but where PVC requires no grout, mould cannot grow on the surface leaving you with a clean surface when compared to tiles and paint.

PVC requires a simple wipe down every so often to clean it which leaves you with a product with fantastic longevity and little to no maintenance

No Paint, No Grout, No Sealer, No Protective Coat 


PVC Claddings offers benefits to your bank account when it comes to installation also when compared to Tiling per m²

Installation of tiles can be time consuming, messy and can require multiple products such as spacers, adhesives, grout, sealer, cleaning solutions & primers

Whether you’re in the trade, paying someone to do the job or a keen DIY’er, these products are ideal because of the easy & fast installation, PVC only requires so many products and be fitted with basic tools depending on the product.


Installation of PVC panels is simple and easy, they only require a handful of basic tools in order to fit depending on the product.

PVC has the ability to be installed directly over tiles, providing that they are grease free and as clean as possible, plasterboard, brick, block & many other substrates, Depending on the substrate, you may need to batten the walls with timber in order to staple or nail the panels to the wall

PVC is often manufactured with tongue and groove edges which click each other together which creates a easy installation

There’s no hassle with grout, so you don’t have to deal with this

Simple and easy to keep clean

Shower Boards

Cladworks supplies a wide range of different PVC products in a huge array of different designs and finishes.

PVC is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to showers, with many homeowners now using PVC panels in their enclosures, With grout going mouldy over time, leaving the enclosure with a very unhygienic look.

PVC is easy maintenance, hygienic and you can easily wipe it down with a suitable cleaning solution, PVC has the ability to be installed easily over tiles too

These are ideal for anyone who is after a cost effective approach to rejuvenating their shower, perfect for homeowners, landlords and commercial properties also.

Our PVC panels measure in

  • 2400 x 1200 x 10mm Straight Edge
  • 2400 x 900 x 10mm Tongue and Groove

These can be easily cut with and stuck onto many different substrates easily where as others may require to be battened before the panels are applied

Two Sided Shower

Three Sided Shower

PVC Panels

Cladworks has a huge catalogue of PVC products that we can offer from big names in the industry such as Vox, MB & Dumawall these are ideal for any bathroom refurbishment for someone who’s looking at a cost effective price to get the job done 

The beauty of these PVC panels is that they can be installed over tiles and with the wide range of designs, they aren’t just limited to the bathroom! These can be used in any room

Some designs are available with a texture and even 3D effect! 

The panels connect to each other with their tongue and groove system, these simply come together to make the installation quick and easy when compared to other decorative methods. 

Once the panels are installed, they’re very durable and provide the user with little maintenance which just requires a simple wipe down every so often. 

The panels are available in different sizes depending on the design desired 

  • 2700 x 165 x 10mm
  • 2700 x 250 x 8mm
  • 2700 x 300 x 8mm
  • 2700 x 500 x 8mm