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The Leisure Industry is very vast that has ranged from Swimming Pools, Gyms, Beauty and Spa Centres, Sports Facilities, Museums, Theme Parks & Casinos.

Everything is all about image and practicality, the demand for high quality, longevity and low maintenance is always required within this strongly growing industry.

Hygiene Panels are ideal for most applications when it comes to the Leisure Industry because they are available in an array of different colours and designs that will suit your image, whether it’s basic white to something very vibrant and striking!

The panels are available in different forms such as Acrylics in Gloss or Matt, Digital Print to really set yourself apart.

We offer a range of sanitary ware that’s ideal for the restrooms and changing areas

Hygiene Panels

Hygiene is something that always have to be kept on top of when you’re dealing with Public access to Changing Rooms and Toilets.

Often we’ve found that our clients are looking for something that’s cost effective but will offer longevity and easy maintenance.

Our range of Hygienic Panels are both of high quality and a cost effective solution that meets perfectly in the middle.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Washrooms & Wetrooms
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hospitals
  • Public W/Cs

This is an ideal product for the industry.

Made from high quality PVC, it is most durable, easy to clean and available in an extensive range of colours.

Changing Cubicles

Changing facilities and cubicles are very important for someones privacy, gyms and swimming pools having individual booths to allow people to change without having everyone stare.

We’ve teamed up with our suppliers to offer a quick and easy solution when bespoke measurements aren’t needed, Rapid Fit is designed to be easily adapted to the required layout, supplied in components to allow you to mix and match from the great choice of colours

  • Manufacturers 10 year guarantee
  • Choice of 10 colours

RapidFit Cubicles

Restroom facilities are crucial for any Leisure business, they need something that is easy maintenance, cost effective and longevity.

Rapidfit offer two different solutions that will meet the demand and the timescale when refitting or a complete renovation is required.

Rapidfits toilet cubicle system will meet this requirements when timescale is an issue, no bespoke designs or sizes required, this is a complete off the shelf kit that is ideal for any fitter.

  • Choice of 8 colours
  • Designed to incorporate most standard sanitary ware sizes and components
  • Corrosion resistant satin anodised aluminium ironmongery fittings featuring anti-vandal screw fixings
  • Fully de-mountable panels with easy maintenance and access in mind

* Rapidfit MFC Kit is no fully waterproof.

RapidFit Vanity Units

RapidFit Vanity Units are designed to provide a stylish alternative to the panel mounted basins, These vanity units are available off the shelf and are ideal when timescale is an issue, likewise with the RapidFit toilet cubicles.

There are two options to pick from with the kits

  • 2 Basin – 1400 x 600mm
  • 4 Basin – 2750 x 600mm

These can be joined together to create a longer run when you have multiple basins required.

The units can be supplied with optional decor end panels kits.

Have you considered?

Feature Walls will always effect someones impression, you will always set a positive image of your company with our range of handpicked feature walls, these are ideal for any Spas, Museums, Theme Parks and Casinos

Bring the outdoors indoors with our Green Wall range, it creates a feature that is certainly eye capturing and the ability to cut it down to size too!

3D walls will create the ultimate showstopper in any environment and will compliment most interiors, Casinos, waiting areas and even in a bar area

We have a very diverse range of products that we’ve handpicked, it’s something worth looking at

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