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The Grabo is very unique because of its design, it can lift a large range of different materials that are used in the construction industry, this makes it ideal for the trade. 

Standard suction cups cannot hold porous materials for more than a few seconds, even if the surface is flat enough to create a seal, it will still fail because air seeps through the material, Grabo overcomes this and allows secure adhesion by pumping out the air at a greater rate creating a secure vacuum. 

The type of porous materials are Wood, Concrete, Rock, Gypsum Boards, Ceramics & Tiles. 

This makes the Grabo a very special and unique tool, it’s been designed to be used on a wide range of different materials to make lifting them a breeze! 

The Grabo is suitable for pourous and uneven surfaces!

The Grabo can be used on a huge range of different materials but here is an example of non even materials that the Grabo can be used to lift

The Grabo is rated up to 170kg

Checker plate

Textured plates


Ribbed glass



Concrete tiles

Natural stone



The Grabo is built for those heavy duty jobs, It makes installation a breeze!
  • Tiling
  • Wall Panelling
  • Flooring
  • Glazing
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Paving
  • Lumber and Woodworking
There are many different applications this tool can be used for!


The table below shows a rough estimation from Grabo for the different substrates and lifting forces on both horizontal and vertical lifts.

These values vary on what kind of material and surface conditions.

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Glass 120KG
Metal 110KG
Plastic 100KG
Wood 65KG
Ceramic Tile 120KG
Rough Concrete 80KG
Drywall 65KG
Rough Slate 80KG


Glass 170KG
Metal 110KG
Plastic 100KG
Wood 100KG
Ceramic Tile 170KG
Rough Concrete 80KG
Drywall 75KG
Rough Slate 80KG

This Lifting force to the pressure shows in the chart below 

*KGF – Kilogram-Force

*LBSF – Pound-Force

Pressure ( Bar )

-0.8 Bar – 170KG/F Max horizontal holding force

-0.6 Bar – 128KG/F Max horizontal holding force

-0.4 Bar – 85KG/F Max horizontal holding force

-0.2 Bar – 43KG/F Max horizontal holding force

-0.1 Bar – 21KG/F Max horizontal holding force

Click here for their technical information

What's in the kit

Spare seal


Two batteries


Carry strap

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