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Commercial Applications

At heart, we are specialists with Wall Panels with all applications, the foundations of Cladworks is Panels, With our Commercial ranges, we cater for everyone and every project.

Our range of products are suitable for Commercial, Industrial, Education, Healthcare and the Retail Industry.

We are so much more than just wall panels.


Healthcare is a very demanding Industry, with the standards increasingly getting higher and requiring both a cost effective solution as well as good value for money.

We have a range of multiple products that is ideal for this Industry.

From wall panels to the specialist suites that are required.

Wetrooms are becoming an increasingly popular solution for healthcare, often the rooms are tiled as a durable solution for a demanding environment but often the grout becomes mouldy and requires specialist cleaning methods to keep bacteria at bay, often this requires regrouting and leads to more expense.

Wall panels are ideal for wet rooms, not only do they provide an alternative for a decorative finish, they are very durable, require no grout and they are also available in an Anti-Microbial finish.

This same application can be used for Patient rooms, Cleaning rooms, Toilets, Laundry rooms, Staff Toilets, Changing rooms, Kitchens & Specialist rooms.

We have a range of sanitary ware that’s ideal for such a demanding environment, leaving you with dealing with a single company rather than multiple.


The Hospitality is something that has been growing bigger over the years with new Hotels, B&Bs, Glamping within the Hospitality Industry.

The need for Bathrooms is crucial to create the ultimate experience for the guests, often most hotels, B&Bs & Glamping tend to stay to Showers with luxury tiles however with wall panels, it’s something that the industry is slowing changing over because of longevity, low maintenance and the durability of the product.

  • No Grout = No Mould

The array of designs for wall panels are incredibly beautiful, often they’ll leave a positive impression on the guest, whether it’s a contemporary design, a bold statement or even something traditional.

Along with the Wall Panels, we also offer a large range of Sanitaryware in different designs that will suit any scheme, whether you’re creating a Modern, Traditional, Contemporary or something rather simplistic.


The Leisure Industry is very vast that has ranged from Swimming Pools, Gyms, Beauty and Spa Centres, Sports Facilities, Museums, Theme Parks & Casinos.

Everything is all about image and practicality, the demand for high quality, longevity and low maintenance is always required within this strongly growing industry.

Hygiene Panels are ideal for most applications when it comes to the Leisure Industry because they are available in an array of different colours and designs that will suit your image, whether it’s basic white to something very vibrant and striking!

The panels are available in different forms such as Acrylics in Gloss or Matt, Digital Print to really set yourself apart.

We offer a range of sanitary ware that’s ideal for the restrooms or changing areas.


We understand that image is everything, when it comes to both the kitchen and the restroom.

These set the tone and the standard for your Restaurant, Bar or Pub.

We supply a range of Hygienic Wall Panels that are a very suitable and more hygienic alternative to Tiles.

  • No Grout = No Mould
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Array of different designs, colours & prints

Cleanliness is always critical for any Industry. Especially the Food Industry is no exception, with the Food Standards Agency ratings and the customer experience is second to none, with our range of products, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

we offer an extended range of sanitary ware that is ideal for the restroom, we understand that renovation isn’t ideal for any business and everything has to be done to a timescale, this range is ideal when bespoke designs & sizes aren’t required

Cubicles, Vanity Units, W/C, Basins even down to the accessories such as Dispensers, Hand Dryers, Soap Dispensers to a Disabled Facility Pack.


Retail is a very demanding environment when it comes to customers, The need for Toilets that are catered for the disabled is mandatory with a lot of the Industry.

We offer sanitaryware that is suitable for the Retail Industry whether it’s for the Public use or Staff only.

Whether the Toilets are for Staff Only or the Public, our products will meet the demand of cleanliness, hygiene and your company standards.

With our range of panels, they will meet the demand when it comes to Cleanliness and Hygiene with our panel range available with an Anti-Microbial coating, cost effective wall panels catered to your budget.

To set your brand apart, we offer panels that are available with digital print of your choice.

Whether your business is a Supermarket, Retailing, Wholesaler or Merchants, we can cater for you.


From manufacturing to the food manufacturing, we have an array of products for these applications where hygiene is of high concern,

Staff Rooms, Changing Rooms, Toilets and the Factory will always have environments where cleanliness and hygiene is critical.

Like with every other industry, there is a required standard that needs to be met, cost effective and easy to maintain is ideal for these environments listed.

Unlike tiles, wall panels can offer so much more and low maintenance is ideal, available in an anti-microbial finish if required, they’re both durable and easy to install.

  • Easy to wash down
  • Requires no grouting¬†
  • High Durability & Longevity¬†

Sanitaryware is always a concern when it comes to factories with high numbers of staff and the minimum requirement for toilets, we offer a wide range of solutions that are quick and easy to install, whether it’s extending, renovation or a new build, we can offer solutions that are both cost effective and ideal.


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