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Bathroom Suites

Cladworks offers a huge range of different bathroom suites that will compliment any home, we many different design options available, we have a huge portfolio of products.

You will certainly see something that you’ll like for your dream master bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom suite

We’ve handpicked a few items to show you on our website but we have over a thousand products for bathroom suites

Baths | Walk In Showers | Toilets | Basins | Bathroom Furniture 

Contemporary | Traditional | Modern 


The bathroom isn’t quite a bathroom without a luxurious bath to enjoy 

Baths are incredibly important in any bathroom to create a relaxing space to be able to relax, soak and unwind after a long day, create your atmosphere in your dream bathroom with candles, music or a book.

Whether you’re in a freestanding, single ended, corner or relaxing in a shower bath.

We have taken our time and handpicked a small range of different styles from traditional, modern & contemporary to show you what we offer & present it to you.

Release the tension & relax 

We have a wide range of different baths that are suitable for any budget, design preference & various sizes available depending on the product

  • Freestanding baths 
  • Shower baths 
  • Corner baths 
  • Whirlpool baths 
  • Single ended & Double ended baths 
  • Double grip baths 
  • Independence walk in baths 

With Brands such as Burlington, Britton, Old London, Artresan, Clearwater and so much more under our roof.

We also have a range of bathroom accessories that compliment these perfectly

Walk In Showers

Create the wetroom look with a wetroom 

Walk in showers can give any bathroom a luxurious vibe, these are ideal for bigger spaces or a “bath out & shower in” option,  these are a simple, minimalistic and yet breathtaking beauty when in a bathroom.

Practical, Stylish & offers multiple benefits

These are very different to the traditional box like showers where the walk in showers offer more space, easier on the eye & a lot easier to clean.

You can create your luxurious look and benefit with our range of Laminate, PVC or Acrylic with our vast array of designs.

The ease of access makes this an ideal option for the elderly and those with limited mobility, simply walk in without needing to climb which limits the risk of injury.


Complete your bathroom with our vast range of toilets that are available in different sizes, designs and style from various collections of Traditional, Modern & Contemporary.

These products are perfect for any bathroom renovation project or if you’re just looking to replace a tired toilet.

If you’re refurbishing a cloakroom suite, the ensuite or master bathroom, we have a wide range of different toilets suitable in many different styles.

With brands such as Roca, Britton, Artresan, Lecico & Vitra under our roof, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from that will suit any budget.


Every bathroom isn’t complete without a functional basin, something that’s stylish and practical.

We have an extensive range of basins that are available in different designs, sizes and styles to suit any bathroom, whether you’re selecting a basin to match or creating a statement in your bathroom.

We have an extensive range from Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, even Unusual & Quirky!

  • Full Pedestal or Half
  • Tabletop or Corner
  • Overcounter or Undercounter

We have multiple brand names under our roof such as Britton, Burlington, Elation, Lecico, Roca and so much more!


Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture is very important when it comes to creating an atmosphere in your dream bathroom.

The furniture is ideal for reducing clutter of toiletries off the surface and being able to store them in a space, we have a large range of different furnishings for the bathroom that will compliment any style desired.

Whether you’re looking for something that’s modern, traditional or something with a twist, bathroom furniture is essential when creating your own individual look with the choice of different styles.

There is a huge range of different styles from the clean crisp white, matt colours and woodgrain effect, you can add your own individual touch with the vast range of products.

  • Vanity units & worktops
  • Storage solutions
  • Mirror and Mirror cabinets
  • Furniture suitable for cloakroom suites


A shower can transform any bathroom for the better, with a practical, economic and stylish shower.

Mixers Showers are becoming one of the most popular options in a lot of homes with their stylish and sleek design, they give the overhead luxurious rainfall look that most desire, Mixers showers are ideal where you blend the hot and cold feed for your ideal temperature.

Power Showers are ideal for those homes that have low pressure, these provide an ideal solution where the pump in built into the shower to boost the pressure and deliver you with a great showering experience

Electric Showers are great because they only need a cold feed input, these showers have their own built in heating system to deliver you with warm/hot water on demand, these are suitable for homes with low pressure too!

Digital Showers are the latest phase into the future of smart homes, like mixer showers the hot and cold are mixed together, Digital Showers control the mixture to deliver the set temperature desired, the water is constantly monitored to make sure that a consistent temperature is delivered along with a bunch of other smart features.


The finishing piece to any bathroom basin, bath and kitchen sink.

We’ve handpicked the taps on here to show you some of our range that we have, although our catalogue is quite extensive and with many popular brands under our roof.

There are some eye catching pieces available on the market, in a multitude of different styles and finishing colours, such as matt black, brass and gold to make it stand out from chrome.

When you are choosing your perfect bathroom tap, you have the option to create something striking and your own touch, whether you want a waterfall tap, something traditional with a contemporary twist to suit your dream suite… there are many options to choose from

Towel Radiators

Towel Radiators are a great addition to any bathroom, a sophisticated, practical and sleek feature on the wall, these are very popular with almost every bathroom refurbishment.

Practical & Stylish for your walls, these give a good amount of heat that will keep the bathroom warm during the colder months

There are many different designs and colours available from curved to flat

Create a statement in your bathroom with one of the RAL painted radiators to really put your personalised touch on your project.

Did you know?

All of our products can be purchased from our showroom here in Weymouth, Dorset.

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